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We’re In This Together. Your Team and Ours.

We are a family run business serving Massachusetts for over 30+ years in their legal and real estate matters. We take pride in taking care of our clients as if they are part of our family and offer a personalized experience throughout the case. There's nothing we haven't seen! You can trust us with your legal matters. 

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Our Vision

Murray Law is a boutique Massachusetts Law Firm that has a well-earned reputation for 

personal relationships with clients. With more than 30 years of experience fighting to

preserve clients' interests, we understand how to assess a situation and use the legal

system to your advantage.

Our Firm specializes in Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, and Debt Relief, including Bankruptcy, Loan Modifications, and Negotiating Short Sales. We also understand that a lot of consumers don't want to shell out an arm and a leg for lawyer representation. Here at Murray Law, we evaluate each case separately and set our legal fees in a fair and reasonable manner.

It is also our belief, that every potential client should be entitled to a free, no-cost, case

evaluation. A case evaluation takes place with an attorney, and not with an assistant or

paralegal, as is standard in most firms. Whether you prefer to speak over the phone, or in a

face-to-face meeting, that is your choice.

If you feel that you're in need of proficient, seasoned, legal representation contact Murray Law Firm today.


We take pride in helping our clients through a personalized experience. 

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